The Pascoe’s complete pet food can range contains a wide variety of succulent and delicious meat and fish varieties which are available in both jelly and gravy multipacks, for cats and dogs.

The products have been formulated with quality protein sources, along with added prebiotics for a healthy digestive system, added fish oils which is an excellent source of Omega fatty acids, added vitamins and minerals and all products are produced without added artificial colours, flavours and preservatives.

The Pascoes range also contains products for the Working dog which are fortified with an increased level of vitamin and mineral levels, they are formulated using highly digestible amino acids from animal sources to promote muscle growth and repair. The products also contain an increased level of antioxidants Vit C, Vit E and selenium to support the immune system and overall cellular health.

The product has been formulated with enhanced levels of protein and fat to provide the fuel needed to support long term energy and to help with muscle recovery from strenuous exercise.

Pascoe’s is a range of complete and complementary foods specially formulated to meet the nutritional requirements of all adult dogs.

The complete diets are made from the highest quality easily digestible ingredients enriched with vitamins and minerals essential for good health and well being.

They contain carbohydrates for optimum energy release, proteins that provide amino acids to maintain good muscle development and dietary fibres to promote healthy digestion.

Pascoe’s Mixer contains whole grain cereals ideal to mix with canned dog foods to provide complete nutrition .The crunchy kibbles assist with dental care and help remove tartar build up.

No artificial colours or flavours are added to this range, only the best ingredients.

Pascoe’s alu cup range contains complete pet food developed for cats and dogs. A variety of delicious meat and fish recipes are prepared with care and cooked just right to maintain the natural goodness of the ingredients.

The pâté products are enhanced with key vitamins, minerals and quality nutrients to ensure your pet receives optimum nutrition.

The Pascoe’s products are available in convenient alu trays: the cat products are available in 100g portions, the dog products in 150g portions.